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Passenger Revenue Accounting, Activity Based Flight Cost Accounting,
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SkyTRAACS is an advanced Airline Finance Management software administering core aspects of Revenue accounting, and Cost accounting with A/R, A/P, and G/L.

SkyTRAACS allows seamless integration with Airline Reservation Systems and Flight Scheduling Applications; letting you achieve a high level of automation in all aspects of financial management providing an unambiguous picture of the revenue as well as outlays from the flight operations.

Key features

Billing & Collection

Billing and Collection

SkyTRAACS lets you achieve 100% automation in Agent Invoicing and helps with real-time tracking of Accounts Receivables and Payables, leading to timely settlements and collection that enables the overall improvement of Cash Flow Management.

We have also inculcated a Fully Automated reconciliation of Interline billing, an ultimate solution to the most daunting challenge of Airline Finance Management.

SkyTRAACS also features a fully Automated billing and settlement of sales through the airline direct sales offices.

Billing and Collection
Revenue Accounting

Highly automated passenger and cargo Revenue Accounting

We offer a highly effective solution for deriving the crucial metric of “Revenue realization at flown”. And have schemed a unique system for Charter flight billing and revenue accounting.

Pro-ration of revenue accounting for flown coupons is the highlight of SkyTRAACS revenue accounting process. Apart from this, the accounting engine is also capable of effectively handling revenue from ancillary sales.

Highly automated passenger and cargo Revenue Accounting
Cost Accounting

Flight Operations Cost Accounting

SkyTRAACS extends extensive stress on Activity Based Costing (ABC) and gives a special focus on sorting out Crew Incentives and Fuel expenses. Comprehensive handling of Flight consumables, Overflying Charges, and ACMI.

Flight Operations Cost Accounting
Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting and Analysis

Financial reporting can be a complex and time-consuming process. SkyTRAACS encompasses accurate and Real-time financial reports like Profitability Reports, Financial statements, and much more, giving a holistic view to the management for better decision-making.

The software handles multi-currency transactions with utmost ease along with treasury management.

Financial Accounting and Analysis

Travel Agent and GSA Commission

SkyTRAACS automates Commission based on the passenger ticket and cargo sales. The platform uses data from passenger ticket and cargo sales to calculate commission payments automatically, making it an assertive tool for airline finance management.

Travel Agent and GSA Commission
Yield Analysis

Flight and Route Profitability

We have carefully thought through an effective mechanism for analyzing flight-wise and route-wise performance, one of the critical concerns of Airline finance management. This provides you with a functionally clearer picture of the precise revenue earned by a specific flight or route.

Flight and Route Profitability

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